Envisioning the Future of Health Technology

This visualization is an exercise in speculating about which individual technologies are likely to affect the scenario of health in the coming decades.

Envisioning The Future of Health

Fink Builders

A custom WordPress template and other special features developed to display the craftsmanship of a local home builder.

Fink Builders — Homescreen

Youth Empowerment in Heliópolis, São Paolo

Our team looked at ways in which modern technology, including cloud computing, can help to empower the youth of this unique favela.


Barriers to Education

Mapping the challenges and barriers to access education for members of the Sunset Park neighborhood.



Start.Us is an exploratory proposal looking at opportunities to create an online mentoring network for startup founders.


Kenya Report for the World Bank

This presentation was given to members of the US World Bank to summarize the systemic issues and causes of climate change for subsistence farmers in Kenya.